JStreet Speaks Out AND Blackmarket Bakery Raises Dough

Alan Elsner, Vice President for Communications at JStreet, veteran international reporter, talks about his new position at JStreet, the “political home for pro-peace and pro-Israel Americans.” The organization’s activities and endorsements can be followed at jstreet.org Elsner also comments on “Gate Keepers,” a rare and revelatory Israeli documentary about the 5 most recent directors of Shin Bet. Rachael Klemek, proprietor of Blackmarket Bakery, returns to Ask A Leader after having successfully raised funds with Kickstarter, to acquire a new state of the art oven and expand to a new location, 2937 Bristol Street in Costa Mesa. Her manifesto: create quality baked goods amidst the current feeding frenzies.      JStreet Speaks Out AND Blackmarket Bakery Raises Dough