Irvine Museum Turns 20 AND BeSmartee Changes the World

Irvine Museum executive director Jean Stern showcases the treasures of the museum’s collection, during this celebration of 20 years in the current exhibit, lasting through June 6th, entitled “Lasting Impressions..” irvinemuseum.orgposts visitors on regular hours, special events and tours, and gift store offerings for this museum located at 1881 Von Karman Ave. Suite 100 in Irvine. BeSmartee co-founders Tim Nguyen and Veronica Nguyen, with legacies of hard working parents/grandparents from Vietnam/Mexico, respectively, appear in the second half of the show to talk about how they are encouraging new businesses and new business practices to change the world in ever so many dimensions from their Huntington Beach-based company. hosts blogs to continue and expand the discussion of how any venture can give back to community.  Irvine Museum Turns 20 AND BeSmartee Changes the World