Meet Candidate Rep Petrie-Norris AND Meet Dist Attorney Candidate Chehock

With just 2 weeks to go for CA’s June 7th primary, appearing first today’s program is Assemblywomen Cottie Petrie-Norris running for her third term, this time in the brand new 73rd Assembly district is which includes: Irvine, Costa Mesa, and portions of Tustin. In the second segment (minute 28:00), Bryan Chehock, Counsel for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration in the Southern District of California, will be the last of the three candidates challenging O C District Attorney incumbent Todd Spitzer to appear on this show. Yes, the Angel baseball park in Anaheim is an organizing principle.

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US Census 2020 Counts All AND. Transforming Justice Orange County

Deputy Regional Director for the US Census 2020, Jeff Enos, overseeing operations in 7 western states, reminds us of our opportunities and obligations with this latest US census.  Listeners can camp out at their website to complete the census online and for employment opportunities: or call 844-330-2020. The extended deadline for completing this census is 10/31/20.

In the second segment (minutes 29:20), Michele Musacchio speaks this time as an affiliate of Transforming Justice Orange County, about COVID-19 spreading in our local jails, as it spreads in jails throughout the country.  Among the links offered in the interview are:,,, and