For the full hour we hear from organizers with UCI4COLA, doctoral student Nalya Rodriguez and PhD and law school student Courtney Echols. Cost of Living Adjustments, UC system policing practices, and student housing rental terms are among the many issues on their movement plates. Additional details about their bi-weekly donation drive 7/17 at the UCI Montessori parking lot, the 7/27 housing meeting, Strike U, and other events are available at: https://uci4cola.com. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/EcholsRodriguezPod7-14-20.mp3

U C Students Mobilize for COLA AND “Living Out” at Robert Cohen Theater

Returning to Ask A Leader is UCI Lecturer and labor organizer Keith Danner, to take up the mobilizing of UC system academic student employees to keep up with their living costs while they serve students.  He also has some insight on how his own peers have stakes in the breaking health and economic developments.

In the second half (minute 24:11), UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts director Jane Page, and actors: Ariella Kvashny and Crystal Kim are involved in a wonderful production of Lisa Loomer’s comic drama “Living Out.”  Performances continue through March 15th, tickets are available at the box office, (949) 824-2787 or https://www.arts.uci.edu/boxoffice
 And yes, the program’s definitely got a through line  – the haves and the have nots; a bit more not having than having.