Science in 2017 AND Live, This Week, at UCI’s School of the Arts

Dr. Shahir Masri, who researches air pollution exposure assessment and epidemiology, reflects on his work and what it looks like to be a scientist in 2017. He pivots between research and activism with public health policy on the line. Follow him at:

During the second half (minute 28), Jane Page, UCI Claire Trevor School of the Art (CTSA) director and professor talks about what’s on the roster this week around campus: original works at The Brown Bag Theater “Quebrando el Silencio! Breaking the Silence-Latinx Voices,” 3/15 9pm Ring Room at the Cross Cultural Center; 3/19 1 pm in the Nixon Theater. Also featured is Works in Progress, a look at collaboration with scientists, presented 3/15, at 12:45 pm at The Little Theater. All locations can be found at:; more information about performances at the CTSA is available at: