High Speed Rail Chugs Along in the Sunshine State AND Tesoro Is No Treasure to Wilmington

SoCal regional director of the California High Speed Rail, Michelle Boehm returns to the show for updates on this massive project amidst the competition for infrastructure funding in both CA and the U.S. More information is available at the water cooler source: http://www.cahsrblog.com/ as well as at the official site: http://www.hsr.ca.gov/.

(min 33): My second guest is Alicia Rivera, veteran community activist, talking about the imminent expansion proposed for at the Tesoro Refinery in the LA neighborhood of Wilmington. Environmental justice is on the line with the status quo as well as in the future. Deadlines, letter writing materials (http://bit.ly/2lXn3Lg), updates, and details to arrange for a Toxin Tour are available at: http://www.cbecal.org/, or by reaching Alicia directly: alicia@cbecal.org.