Bowers Museum’s Latest Treasures AND Intentional Living the Trish Walker Way

Emily Mahon, Senior Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Bowers Museum presents a bounty of delectable possibilities that awaits us at the museum over these holidays and into 2017. Virgins, photographers, actresses, and painters figure into the culture fare. Lectures associated with the Virgin of Guadalupe exhibit will be presented by: Jeannette Peterson (UCSB) on 1/21 at 1:30 pm; Joanna Reyes Walton on 1/29. Events associated with the Imogene Cunningham exhibit are scheduled on 1/7 and 2/4; and with the Madame Modjeska exhibit on 3/12. For the exhibit opening on 2/25/17 entitled “Frida Kahlo, Her Photos,”and for other details, let the official museum website be your guide:

In the second segment (minute 28), we elbow our way ahead of the new year’s resolution frenzy with life coach Trish Walker, with her modest proposals on intentional living, speaking from her recently published book entitled: “Oh Honey…I’m just getting started!” Her blog offers many additional resources at:,, and Happy Allidays everyone!