“Bringing Clean Energy to OC” AND Newport Banning Ranch High Noon Part III AND Working Memory the Transcranial Way

This show brims over the top with 3 guest segments:

Carl Mariz and Roger Gloss of Orange County for Climate Action, invite listeners to 9/10 and 9/15 forums in Irvine, promoting a local action template already operating in San Diego. All the details for these two forums are available http://occlimateaction.org/. Also follow Roger’s contemplation at: http://rogergloss.com/.

Then, Dr. Terry Welsh, Banning Ranch Conservancy President returns signaling what’s ahead on Sept. 7th with the CA Coastal Commission’s agenda at its Newport Beach meeting – the Newport Banning Ranch proposal, http://www.coastal.ca.gov/mtgcurr.html.

Finally, we’ll hear from UCI’s Jacky Au, about his leading-edge brain plasticity research toward improving working memory. Follow this research at either http://wmp.education.uci.edu/ or http://hnl.ss.uci.edu/.