Literacy Springs Throughout OC Library System AND Deconstructing Paris Climate Talks

Jonathan Cohen, literacy tutor and freelance editor gets to the CORE of his work with the adult literacy program READ/OC. Other programs include: ESL; Working for Inmate Literacy Now, and Families for Literacy; and READ Jr., (school aged children of adult learners). Tons more information can be had at the Orange County library branch nearest you,, and 714-566-3070.

USC International Relations Professor and Citizens Climate Lobby activist, John Odell, reports back from the Paris Climate Talks. And if folks want to be a part of this CCL project: January 19, 7pm, the Canyon Democrats meeting at the Norman Murray Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo. ┬áSpecial guest speaker: Craig Preston, So Cal Regional Coordinator Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Website: