Irvine Living Wage AND LlVE at Newport Beach Public Library

Swimming against the stream of municipalities and states, raising the minimum wage, Irvine, under recent new leadership walks back the minimum wage for city contractors. Co-Chair of Irvine’s Living Wage Campaign and Planning Commissioner for the City of Irvine, Mary Ann Gaido, returns to these airwaves to address a reversal of this (mis)fortune. More information is available at: or on their Facebook page.

During the second half of the show, Board Member of the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation, Natasha Palmaer has a roster of forums for 2015-2016 that just doesn’t quit. Speakers, more speakers, and book discussions, all honest endeavors in one of the state’s most opulent zipcodes. All events and workshops are posted on:  This interview was prematurely concluded with the disruption of phone service on a portion of the UC Irvine campus.  Regrets to Ms. Palmaer.