What Wasserstrom Needs to Say About China AND The End of Toxic Turf

UCI Humanities professor Jeff Wasserstrom considers dissent in contemporary China. The conversation about more than dissent will continue on this show June 16th. Required reading includes Wasserstrom’s “China in the 21st Century; What Everyone Should Know,” published by Oxford Press, with a new edition planned by the end of 2015; as well as “China Digital Times.”

Talking cleaner landscape practices for Irvine Unified School District, are: Kathleen Hallal (IUSD PTA Health and Safety Chair), Dr. Jonathan Sorci (former chemist and currently a physican), and Tom Kelly (founder of BeeSafeOrganic Lawn Program). The good news is it’s cost effective, helps in drought conditions, and has already been adopted in many cities and states in the Union.