Evaporation AND Vaping

David Feldman, UCI Director of Planning, Policy and Design, brings a reassuring tack on how we could all better manage the severe drought in Southwestern USA. His research on the Millennial Drought in Australia offers lessons learned which provide models of varying comparability for application in our socio-economic infrastructure.

Dr. Marc Lerner, pediatrician and medical officer of Orange County Schools, leads us not to temptation from the e-cigarette phenomenon, now a $3.5 business. Important resources from his agency and around the county include: http://www.projectalert.com/; http://www.notsosafe.org; http://www.ocde.us/ATODV/Pages/Electronic-Nicotine-Delivery-Systems-(ENDS).aspx; and http://www.ocde.us/healthykids. He also provides insight into the immunization requirement for school children as SB 277 chugs through the CA legislative process.