Cybergeddon: It Ain’t Necessarily So AND Real Voters of Orange County

Bill Blunden, computer security researcher, talks about his recently published book, co-written with Violet Cheung, “Behold A Pale Farce; Cyberwar, Threat Inflation, and the Malware Industrial Complex.” From their exhaustively documented piece, we gain a better understanding about the political and economic factors that undermine our privacy in the name of national security. Additional commentary from Bill is available at:; copies of the book are available at
As the California direct primary on June 3rd draws near, Neal Kelley, Orange County Registrar of Voters, posts us on: the changes in our ballots, registration and absentee ballot deadlines, and all the essential polling place information. Confirmation of a voter’s registration and all information pertaining to the primary are available at Early voting apart from completing an absentee ballot, can be done at the Registrar’s Office located at: 1300-C, Grand Ave, Santa Ana. The office is available to take calls about election day irregularities at 714-567-7600.

Cybergeddon AND Real Voters of OC