LGBT Seniors AND Immigration Law With or Without Reform

Katie Barraza, as Director of Senior Services a the Gay and Lesbian Services Center of Orange Co. advocates for elders of the LGBTQ community who are missed in the institutional and social settings. Stu Maddox’ film Gen Silent is a remarkable glimpse into these lives which shift in and out of the closet. located at 1605 N. Spurgeon Street, SA, CA. You can give Katie a call if you want to sign up a senior friend who could benefit from any of these programs: (714) 953-5428, ext. 204 located at 1605 N. Spurgeon Street, SA, CA or at:
Immigration attorney Jeff Khurgel covers the legal and political status quo of immigrant law as prospects for reform dwindle on the Congressional vine. He can be reached at: or his office located: 4199 Campus Drive, 949-509-6515.

LGBTQ Seniors AND Immigration Law