Expressly at San Juan Hills High AND Solitary Confinement; Michael’s Story

Olivia Fu and Samantha Newman, formerly co-editors of “The Express” at San Juan Hills High School, got a little ink in a recent “New York Times” article. They make some radio waves on this program talking about sex, parents, sports, politics, and censorship.
In the second segment (min 29:15), Michael Saavedra, former detainee at the Pelican Bay Prison, spent the last 12 years of his 19 year sentence, in solitary confinement; a study of resilience and struggle, prior to and following his release in 2/2017. His appearance, originally scheduled with UCI professor Keramet Reiter on February 26, 2018, was deferred until today.  He offers his own story about his detention, his studies, his activism, and his career plans.