Amazon’s A Knockin’ AND Teachable Moments Amidst These Storms

LA Times business columnist and author Michael Hiltzik joins us once again, bringing his inestimable insights about the headwinds that our Irvine faces toward negotiating a deal with Amazon for the firm’s second campus to be located right here. He will cover the project, the pressure, the parties, the package, the properties, the pander, the process, and the picture – as Irvine officials and business folk beat back the competition nationwide.

In the second half (min 28:05), UCI environmental researcher Dr. Shahir Masri returns to connect the dots with the latest climate change markers. Teachable moments are in surplus. There just seems to be an urgent need for all the so-called students to be paying attention and step up their game yesterday.  Stay tuned for a continuation of this discussion on 10/10/17.