Refugees Welcome Guidebook Now Available AND OC Models Stormwater Low Impact Development

Monica Curca returns to the show, this time bringing her “Refugees Welcome Guide,” fresh off the press, a beautiful and remarkable piece of work. For those unaware of what refugees are enduring, each section of this guide is pause for thought among us who are already settled. Follow Refugees Welcome’s progress, contribute valuable resources, and order a copy of the guide by contacting this guest at: or to these websites: and

In the second half (min 32:12), Dr. Jian Peng, Chief of Water Quality Planning at OC Public Works Environmental Resources, from his agency’s low impact development toolkit, explains some elegant systems for purifying and retaining stormwater runoff. Not quite the tool for hurricane downpours, but effective in our So Cal climes. Ready for a tour, or care to take up a redeeming school science project? Information is available at: