Register, Debate, Vote, Repeat AND Your Brain Isn’t Done with You, Yet

Tracy La, Carolina Burciaga, and Rachel Montanye, co-commissioners and interns of 60 by 16, the Associated Students of U C I (ASUCI)’s official voter registration campaign, take up the charge of getting all you Anteaters to participate in this year’s elections.  Stay tuned for upcoming debates and other electoral events,  Register, vote, realize the dividends of being an adult, and  r e p e a t.

Director of Working Memory and Plasticity Lab, Professor Susanne Jaeggi, at UCI’s School of Education, currently calling for recruits for her research on memory training for seniors, will make our brains malleable with her really interesting findings about plasticity of our brains over our life time. If you are interested or would like more information, her lab manager Chelsea Parlett, is waiting for your call at (949) 824-2439, or email:, or check out