Alzheimer’s Updates and Annual Conference AND International Relations Are Our Affair

UCI neuroscientist David Cribbs returns to the show, taking up BIO 101 on brain plaques and lesions, his own research, news about what might be a promising drug for the treatment of Alzheimers, and highlights of this year’s 9-30-16, 27th Annual Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease hosted in Irvine at 18000 Von Karman. Details are available at:

Then UCI’s int’l relations lecturer Paula Garb considers why foreign affairs matter to us all; definitely a bedrock of literate voting. She also presents UCI is plethora of esteemed institutions in which all are invited to take part: Center for Citizen Peace Building:, Students for Global Peacebuilding:, and the Olive Tree Initiative: Paula Garb will return to these airwaves next January for details about the 5th annual Peace and Justice Week Summit 2017.