Not Your Parents’ Cruise Control AND Girls On The Run Orange County

UCI graduate engineering students at the Advanced Power and Energy Program, Van Wifvat and Blake Lane, take the fiction out of science fiction about ground transportation; slaying some myths and posting us on what’s brewing up about net zero and self driving vehicles. More details are available, where you could spend all week, at: and Correction: the earliest autonomous vehicle research was conducted on California’s Interstate 15, not Interstate 5.

Then (min 42:53), Girls on the Run Orange County Board Member Amy Cook tells us how her organization is helping elementary and middle school girls develop essential skills. She has a longitudinal study fresh out to make her point(s). For upcoming events, and information about applying for board membership: Girls enrolled in the program will offer their own testimony on a future show that they will help produce. Watch in December for that program.

Two Fine Minds about Our Brains

Calling all athletes reporting for practice! Returning to the show are James Hicks, UCI professor and Director at Center for Exercise Medicine and Sport Sciences; and Michael Yassa, UCI Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior, and Director of the Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.  They take up their research along the continuum from the benefits to the hazards of exercise on brain health. Of concern are NFL bangs, the disparities of women in research trauma, and men versus women’s response to trauma and lots in between. Resources galore are available at: and

Bears Ears and Manifest Hegemony

We contemplate sacred terrain with: Angelo Baca, Native American documentary filmmaker, and Matthew Campbell, Native American staff attorney with the Native American Rights Fund ( ), as they take up their respective and varied efforts to preserve the recently designated Bear Ears National Monument in southeast Utah. They consider who is taking from whom, following the U.S. Interior Dept.’s recent closing of its comment period over the current administration’s intentions to roll back the 12/2016 1.35 million acre US Monument designation. If some of this makes you consider more deeply what is beneath the ground you live, work, and play upon; then mission partially accomplished.

2017 California-Pacific Triennial at OCMA AND Disparaging Clauses at Work

Los Angeles artist, Beatriz Cortez and Assistant Curator Alyssa Cordova, consider what’s on view at the Orange County Museum of Art’s “2017 California Pacific Triennial, Building as Ever,” on exhibit now through September 3rd. For hours, location, and upcoming events consult their website:

The second segment (min 27:25) covers the latest in sexual harassment workplace issues with local employment attorney Teresa McQueen. Our focus is mainly on the intricacies of the disparagement clause in contract agreements, trending a bit in Silicon Valley and possibly in an office very near you. Ms. McQueen will be launching in September a monthly podcast entitled “Workplace Perspective,” covering employment law, HR issues, business etiquette, and workplace civility. It will be available on her firm’s website:

“Cramming for Finals” the Aulenbach Way AND Citizenship Fairs, Care of OCCORD

Reverend Dr. Bil Aulenbach offers his refreshing and affirming new book entitled, “Cramming for Finals; New Ways of Looking at Old Church Ideas,” published by Summitt Run Press. Copies of his book are available from your favorite independent book dealer or on his website:

During the second segment (min 33:18), it is an opportune time to talk with Joese Hernandez, of Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCOCRD), in advance of the 7-22-17 Citizenship Fair. The next ones will be held on 7-26-17, 8-2-17, 8-5-17, and 8-26-17. More will be scheduled in the future. Information about these and other gratifying opportunities to help out, is available at: In his spare time, Joese hosts a podcast, “ITZ Happenin Radio Show,” transmitted on Facebook live every Monday night at 9 p.m. (PT).

Cannabis Under the Political, Cultural, and Legal Microscope

UCI neurobiology and anatomy Professor Daniele Piomelli, along with UCI Law School faculty and State Sen. (ret) Joe Dunn, take up the cutting edge of research and institution building around CA’s statewide approval of the legalization of cannabis, Propositions 215 (medicinal use) and 64 (recreational use).

Veterans Deported and Off Our Radar? AND Not So Silent on Reciprocity and Silencers

Congressman Lou Correa from CA 46th Dist., serving on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, while back in his district over this Fourth of July Recess, offers his experiences meeting in Tijuana with veterans who’ve been deported. The ironies of their status are many.

In the second segment, (min 29:00) amidst many breaking news items, OC Chapter of the Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence board members Charles and Mary Leigh Blek consider NRA initiatives staunching diminished sales, court rulings, and the latest state and federal legislation. Of crucial importance is legislation co-sponsored by Congresswoman Walters and Congressman Royce, HR38, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. The Bleks offer this email to which one can requests alerts on legislative developments:; and for general information about their organization:

Solarize Irvine Starts at UniHills AND “Taming of the Shrew” at New Swan Theater

Along with University Hills neighbor/activist Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, April Price at Community Environmental Council talk about the recent launching of a University Hills solar residential project, Solarize Irvine. The deadline to get in on this group discount is July 30th. Information for an assessment of your City of Irvine home is available at: or by calling April herself at: 805-963-0583 x101.

The second segment (min 31:59) features the program’s annual ritual of welcoming the New Swan Theater Shakespeare festival, the sixth annual, here at U C Irvine. Director Beth Lopes talks about her production of “Taming of the Shrew” and discusses how William Shakespeare is understood or not in 2017. Information about all festival events and tickets to see “The Tempest” and “Shrew” is available at:,,, and 949-824-2787.

Crooks and Kompromats; Current Russian-American Affairs

Peggy Maradudin, local Russian analyst extraordinaire, returns with more context for the latest developments in Russian and interactions between heads of state. Sergeys Lavrov and Kislyak are mentioned, to clarify references in the latter half of the program. Two readings recommended from this interview: “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible,” by Peter Pomerantsev; and “Red Notice,” by Bill Browder. Ms. Maradudin will return to this show in advance of the March 2018 Russian elections.

UCI Wonderwomen Climate Science Grad Students AND “Art As Protest” in Santa Ana

Alyssa Braciszewski Frederick, Elizabeth Hemming-Schroeder, and Kimberly Duong; UCI graduate students studying climate science lift the curtain after having visited a dozen (mainly) Californian Congressional offices in Washington, D.C. If they came away changed, imagine how changed you will be by their observations of these privileged interactions. They’ll be convening a webinar 6-15-17, at 5 p.m. PDT; details are available at:

During the second segment of the show (minute 30:49), Tyler Stallings, artistic director at UC Riverside’s Center of the Arts, in his capacity as juror, leads us around the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art’s current exhibit “Art As Protest,” open through 7/8. Special events staged at the OCCCA space for your cultural levitation include: 6/17 the play “Seven,” and the 6/29 performance by the Pacific Symphony. Details are available at: