Recruitment the Trautenberg Way AND Islamophobia (Part II)

Stuart Trautenberg, CEO of Jobzlab Inc. and S.A. Associates, among ventures, reveals what his brand of recruiting looks like in the 21st Century. His many enterprises:;; and Chief People, may get you top tier talents on a ship-shape path with your search. As always on AAL, we have more where that came from, stay tuned.

The next segment (min 24), we resume the matter of Islamic relations in the US with Ani Zonneveld, founder and president of Muslims for Progressive Values; and Jordan Elgrably, founding director of The Markaz, both organizations of which are located in Los Angeles. Upcoming events providing forums for discussion and discovery are posted on and 12/13 7-9 pm at Temple Judea in Tarzana, CA; Middle East in Focus 12/17/16; Ask A Muslim; LA for Standing Rock 12/17/16, 6 pm; and Celebration of Life, “Freedom of Conscience” on 1/15/17 (, or call 323.696.2678); are some opportunities to show support, to learn, to connect, and to deepen our perspective.