The Art of Listening AND The Need To Speak

Just in time for the holidays, Gayle Jabour and Daniel Tigner have recently launched their publication, “The Time of Your Life: Everyone Has a Story.” This book compiles reflections of some 40 retirees spanning a breadth of careers with a depth of experience. Insights this privileged are rare – the dividends of listening to this extent take us, in everyday life, to some very special zones. Books can be ordered at the usual outlets or calling (819)682-0205. Robin Leffler, President of Costa Mesans for Responsible Government, takes up the latest developments in her city council’s efforts to trim public comment. New policies of consequence are expected to be considered as well as enacted tonight, starting at 6 pm at the Council Chambers at 77 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa. More information is available as well as

Art of Listening AND Need to Speak