Veterans Deported and Off Our Radar? AND Not So Silent on Reciprocity and Silencers

Congressman Lou Correa from CA 46th Dist., serving on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, while back in his district over this Fourth of July Recess, offers his experiences meeting in Tijuana with veterans who’ve been deported. The ironies of their status are many.

In the second segment, (min 29:00) amidst many breaking news items, OC Chapter of the Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence board members Charles and Mary Leigh Blek consider NRA initiatives staunching diminished sales, court rulings, and the latest state and federal legislation. Of crucial importance is legislation co-sponsored by Congresswoman Walters and Congressman Royce, HR38, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. The Bleks offer this email to which one can requests alerts on legislative developments:; and for general information about their organization: