OC Kingmaker/Queenmaker Speaks AND 3rd Annual OC Women’s March 1-19-19

Wylie Aitken, OC trial lawyer and local rainmaker in political, cultural and educational realms, ponders the dynamics and developments afoot in local politics.
In the second segment (minute 36:37): Jennifer Muir Beuthin, labor leader and journalist, as an organizer of this year’s OC Women’s March, posts us on what to expect at this 3rd annual taking place in Santa Ana on 1/19, 10 a.m-1 p.m.  

SaferMade Raises Consumers’ Game AND Grand Central Art Center Celebrates Their 20th

The first guest is respected member in the green chemistry community Martin Mulvihill, who heads up SaferMade, https://www.safermade.net, an organization keenly involved in what goes into the products we literally consume. Essential certifications and other sources covered include: Environmental Work Group, Toxic Use Reduction Institute, MadeSafe, Skin Deep, Safe Charter, and Safe Choice. Consumers and activists are now armed to raise their game in the market place as well as the regulatory arenas.
In the second segment (minute 33:43), John Spiak, Director Chief Curator of the Grand Central Art Center in beautiful downtown Santa Ana, brings compelling installations, events and programs to our attention. GCAC is located at 125 N Broadway, S.A. Call 714-567-7233 or go to: http://www.grandcentralartcenter.com/ for all postings of current and future delights. 

Breastfeeding Mothers: Help Is Three Minutes Away


For the entire hour Melanie Silverman, Chief Clinical Officer; and Vivien Earthman, contracting lactation specialist; break down how their app Pacify is a public health game changer offering full support, and a special kind of life-line, to new parents.  A wholesome and hopeful note upon which to start 2019. Questions could be directed to: melanie@pacify.com or details for enrolling are available at: https://www.pacify.com/

Out Out Damn Climate Myths! AND Introducing Costa Mesa Council Member Arlis Reynolds

With all that continues to roll out from the COP24 Climate talks in Katewice, Poland – Shahir Masri is back from a 36 state climate science dog and pony show, and has recently published a book entitled, “Beyond Debate; 50 Misconceptions on Climate Change.”  With Mother Earth churning and burning at disturbing rates, Shahir’s jovial text calls the cats down from the climate denial trees. Copies of the book or information about Shahir and Athina’s recent trek is available at: http://www.shahirmasri.com/road-for-climate-action-.html
In the second segment (minute 37:43), recently elected Costa Mesa Council member Arlis Reynolds offers perspectives from the bottom of the ballot to the top of the city wide leadership, on the heels of an extraordinary outcome in the first election of city council districts.

UCI Students Rock the 45th AND Citizens Climate Lobby With New Dividends

This week, delegations from countries all over the world are meeting in Poland for COP24, the United Nations’ international climate change conference, a crucial opportunity for countries to hammer out technical agreements governing the 2015 Paris climate accord — but the US is largely sitting it out; perhaps Gov Brown has some personnel on deck. Today we tack onto some of those climate issues (minute 35:23) with Citizens Climate Lobby activists Mark Tabbert and Kathy Orlinksy. But before they take stabs at the latest news, we hear from Brooke Adams, Organizing Director for Student Action with the People’s Action Institute, and organizing students, both from UCI: Lorraine Nance, and Cas Yip; they’ve been in the electoral trenches at UCI, with some amazing outcomes to show for it. And they’re not done doing this work, either. Developments pertaining to The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act/HR 7173 are available at: #priceonpollution.

Solving Climate Change Through Free Enterprise Lenses AND Greenpeace Campaign Turning Off Plastic Spigot

Bob Inglis, Executive Director of RepublicEn.org and former Congressman representing Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, offers wholesome and winning perspectives on climate change solutions. He moves mountains on climate change acceptance in business and in the Grand Ol’ Party. Details are available at:http://www.republicen.org/.

In the second segment (minute 33:45), Kate Melges, Ocean Plastics Campaigner for Greenpeace, directs our attention to the production end of the omnipresent plastics. Yeah, consumers can make better decisions, but the producers make it oh so hard for us. Their campaigns can be followed at: https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/oceans/.

“Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen” AND Recognizing Native Americans in OC

Pull up a chair to a very different Thanksgiving table. Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer prize winner, journalist and immigration activist, brings essential perspectives from his new book Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, and his thriving “Define American” campaign, https://defineamerican.com/. JFK, who’s assassination was 45 years ago this week, wrote “A Nation of Immigrants,” a book that figures several times in Jose’s book. Copies of Dear America are available at: joseantoniavargas.com, or your favorite independent book dealer.
In the second segment (minute 31:00), Patricia Martz returns to the show, joined by Rebecca Robles, nurse and Acjachemen descendent, to unearth local Native American culture in our midst. Behold the cog wheel in Surf City!  The Panhe annual celebration is scheduled on March 24, 2019. Details will be available at:http://www.ccrpa.com/.

#FreeThemAll AND #MeeToo

The first guest is Colby Lenz, organizer and legal advocate with the CA Coalition for Women Prisoners and the Transgender Advocacy Group, who is in a dash to have Governor Brown commute as many sentences as possible before he crosses the finish line of his 4th and final term as governor of California. Concerned parties can follow up with: https://survivedandpunished.org/freethemca/.

In the second half (min 28:10) UCI political science professor Kristen Renwick Monroe considers the backlash to #MeToo with prescriptions toward a constructive resolution. Her manuscript, soon to be published, is entitled “Ending Sexual Harassment: Protecting the Process of #FreeThemAll  AND #MeToo.”

Ask A Voter: Finally, The November 2018 Midterm Elections

The Midterm elections are here. In keeping with our ritual on elections, it’s “Ask A Voter,” and we check around the country: Monique Wong at the UCI polling place, (min 1:28); Sue Jones in Madison, WI, (min 9:00); Ann Bidlingmaier in Tallahassee, FL (min 21:53); and Marcos Scauso in South Bend, IN (min 36:00). Vote. Get your friends, families, and co-workers out to vote.  Check your county’s registrar of voters for all the information that you need!