Working Women Put Hospitality Into Perspective

Ada Briceno, co-president of UNITE-HERE Local 11, a hotel and resort workers’ union – is joined by two women employed in the hospitality sector in Anaheim: June Mekker, a Disney Dining phone operator, a hotel concierge services worker, and a Union shop steward; and Veronica Chavez, a Disney housekeeper and a union organizer. They cover: Anaheim’s recently adopted City Council districts, the new minimum wage ordinance that has qualified for the Anaheim City general election ballot this 11-2018, and the rigors of extending hospitality to hotel guests.

Plastic Plastic Everywhere AND UCI Goes Off Grid

The marine scene is not so much water water every where but not a drop to drink-no, it’s more like plastic plastic everywhere . . . talking about this e x p a n s i v e l y is Katie Allen, Executive Director of Algalita Marine Research.  Information about their events around the corner and around the year is available at:
In the second segment (min 27:38), Scott Lee, engineering researcher at UCI’s Advanced Power and Energy Program, walks us through the feat that his colleagues and he achieved, pulling the UCI campus off the grid and then bringing it back. We look under APEP’s hood and around at UCI’s Microgrid.

Deeper Breathing Over Fake News AND “Time’s Up; An Uncensored Look at the Time’s Up & #MeToo Movement

Christine Gagnier, attorney at law with a practice at Gagnier and Margossian LLP, adjunct professor at UCI’s Law School, and media literacy expert; takes up the underpinnings and nuances of fake news – around forever but oh so menacing to democracy in our time.
In the second segment (min 31:33), curator Anuradha Vikram and exhibitions director Carolyn Yarnell discuss the current exhibition at the Orange County Contemporary Art Center in Santa Ana: “It’s Time; An Uncensored Look at the Time’s Up & #MeToo Movements,” open at that Santa Ana venue through 8/11th. Artists using all matter of media, get through blood, sweat, semen, and tears. For upcoming events before the exhibit closes 8/11, consult the Center’s website: The installation is at 117 N Sycamore Street; open Thursdays-Sundays noon- 5 p.m.

Precarious Incidents of SCOTUS in Broad Daylight AND Medicare: New Card, Less Fraud

Rick Hasen, UCI Law School professor and nationally recognized expert in election law and campaign finance regulation, weighs in on the effect of rulings from the recent Supreme Court term. He makes predictions about the US Supreme Court’s composition, and how SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh would affect that.

In the second segment (minute 32:27), Jack Cheevers, the public information officer for Region 9 of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, posts us on the roll-out of the new Medicare card. Pssst, it’s an improvement; no more Social Security numbers on it. Ways to find out more, download your own copy, and or report weird things happening include: 1-800-MEDICARE, 1-800-633-4227 or The tip line is also available at: 1-800-HHS-TIPS — or 1-800-447-8477.

Expressly at San Juan Hills High AND Solitary Confinement; Michael’s Story

Olivia Fu and Samantha Newman, formerly co-editors of “The Express” at San Juan Hills High School, got a little ink in a recent “New York Times” article. They make some radio waves on this program talking about sex, parents, sports, politics, and censorship.
In the second segment (min 29:15), Michael Saavedra, former detainee at the Pelican Bay Prison, spent the last 12 years of his 19 year sentence, in solitary confinement; a study of resilience and struggle, prior to and following his release in 2/2017. His appearance, originally scheduled with UCI professor Keramet Reiter on February 26, 2018, was deferred until today.  He offers his own story about his detention, his studies, his activism, and his career plans.

Chemists Know! AND Reinvigorating OC’s Needle Exchange Program

Some real fire works: UCI chemistry Professors Joonhee Lee and Ara Apkarian blow our minds with their nano, hyper nano single molecule electromechanical sensor proposition; a heady technology with consequential applications.

In the second segment (min 30:30), Dallas Augustine and Mahan Naeim, UCI students with the Orange County Needle Exchange Program, soldier on as the Orange County Board of Supervisors and other civic leaders turn their backs on a best practice. Details are available at: or on all social media platforms.

Your Papers Please; Applying to Remain in the US

Immigration attorney Angelita Chavez-Halaka, practicing at a Cerritos private firm Chugh LLP, speaks with experience about family based petitions, asylum, deportation defense, VAWA and DACA. Fresh from this month’s American Immigration Lawyers Association convention and as the nation digests the SCOTUS ruling uphold the Muslim Travel Ban, over the full hour, she answers our wide-eyed questions about what is taking place in a very arcane, and politicized legal system.

“Notorious RBG in Song” AND Arab American Civic Council Visits D.C. and Nuance

Soprano/composer Patrice Michaels and Cedille Records founder/producer James Ginsburg take up their knowing collaboration about the Supreme Court’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg, celebrated on new album – ‘Notorious RBG in Song’. Follow for details on performances near you or for a listen.

In the second segment (min 29:37), Rashad al Dabbagh, as a member of the Arab American Civic Council, reports back on getting to know members of Congress over his recent trip to D.C. Breaking news around this broadcast may be a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim Ban. The deadline for the Fellowships with the National Network for Arab American Communities is 6/23/18. Details on press releases and gatherings in anticipation of the SCOTUS ruling on the federal Muslim Ban are available at:

Climate Science Dog and Pony Tour Summer 2018 AND “Datitude”

The power couple Shahir Masri and Athina Simolaris are gearing up to listen and interact over climate concerns, with the public in 30 states around the country this August. Their progress can be followed, support can be offered at: or

In the second segment (min 28:58), LA Times humor columnist and editor, Chris Erskine talks about his new book out, “Datitude: The Joys and Absurdities of Modern Fatherhood,” a tell with a whole gambit of textures. He offers additional choice moments in reflection on this program. Chris’ book signing tour continues in OC at: Barnes and Noble in Aliso Viejo/July 14th/2 p.m. and Beach Town Books in San Clemente/July 21/2 p.m. Copies are also available at your favorite independent book dealer or at:

Ask A Voter CA 2018 Primary Election

Today the show morphs into “Ask A Voter;” our time honored ritual of piping you directly into the CA Primary election taking place. On this same day Alabama, Montana, and New Jersey are also going to the polls. Unlike the general election coverage, I am not hopping around the country. For the primary we stay within California, within the OC, asking voters about their election stories. KUCI Radio Intern Gloria Elena Estrada is the co-host. We hear from a host of voters, each with a different something to tell. Out of the echo chamber and into the fire, here on “Ask A Voter.”