Bears Ears Sets The Table AND The ICE Pick in OC

Documentary filmmaker Angelo Baca returns to the show on the topic of Native American food sovereignty, along with an update on the Bears Ears National Monument. Watch for more details about the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering, Saturday October 28th 1-5 pm at New York University. 
In the second segment (min 30:35), Patrick Michels, reporter with Reveal/Center for Investigative Reporting, brings his definitive account of Orange County’s complicated history with immigrant detentions. OC residents: Theo Lacy Jail is in a league of its own nationally. Read his entire article at:

Out of the Pan, Into the Venn Diagram AND Climate Changes, Costs, and Still More Plastic

Political commentator and author, Charles Sykes takes a break from mainstream media and visits college radio to talk about his new book “How the Right Lost Its Mind,” published by St. Martin’s Press. How will the left vs right political Venn diagram look when we’re done?

Then in the second segment (Min 36:00), climate scientist and blogger Shahir Masri resumes his climate science coverage: “Eaarth” Bill McKibben’s re-considering the planet in its current state, the spike in post disaster payouts, and oh the ubiquitous plastic.


The full hour is devoted to Oscar Teran, Director of the DREAM Center at UCI’s Center for Educational Partnerships. The current status of Deferred Action for Child Arrivals/DACA, and all the functions that the DREAM Center offers, demands our full attention. This is an administrative coverage, the politics of this program are saved for another program with other guests who have appeared previously on Ask A Leader. Information for upcoming events is available at:, or calling 949-824-6390. Stay tuned for future updates on this website. At their office in Lot 5, until Friday October 6th, is an exhibit commemorating DREAMERS making their way through the desert.

Amazon’s A Knockin’ AND Teachable Moments Amidst These Storms

LA Times business columnist and author Michael Hiltzik joins us once again, bringing his inestimable insights about the headwinds that our Irvine faces toward negotiating a deal with Amazon for the firm’s second campus to be located right here. He will cover the project, the pressure, the parties, the package, the properties, the pander, the process, and the picture – as Irvine officials and business folk beat back the competition nationwide.

In the second half (min 28:05), UCI environmental researcher Dr. Shahir Masri returns to connect the dots with the latest climate change markers. Teachable moments are in surplus. There just seems to be an urgent need for all the so-called students to be paying attention and step up their game yesterday.  Stay tuned for a continuation of this discussion on 10/10/17.

28th Annual Alzheimer’s Conference, “Elephant in the Room” AND The World’s “Personal Stereo”

Chelsea Cox, Associate Director of Education at UCI MIND, covers this week’s ambitious Alzheimers’ conference and it’s ground-breaking theme: “The Elephant in the Room, Sensitive Subject in Dementia Care.” September 22, 7:30 a.m. til 4 p.m. at the Irvine Marriott, 18000 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, CA. Space is always available for last minute enrollees; register on line at: or call 949-757-3721.

The second guest (min 27:20), UCI Writer In Residence, Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow talks about her recently released book entitled “Personal Stereo,” published by Bloomsbury. In this book she traces the history of the Walkman, along with examining its psycho-social impacts, taking us from the analog to the digital and back. On November 6th 5-6:30 p.m., at Humanities Gateway 1030 on the U.C. Irvine campus, is an event to meet Rebecca, buy a signed copy of her book, and meet Thomas Mullaney author of “Chinese Typewriter.” All details available at:

Calle Cuarto in Santa Ana AND “Curve of Departure”

Claudia Arellanes, family business owner and treasurer of the Santa Ana Business Council takes us behind the scenes, and offers a long view of what makes downtown Santa Ana so vibrant. Calle Cuarto hosts annually Savor Santa Ana, Food, music, and community; this year it happens on this Thursday Sept. 14th from 5-9:30 pm.

And speaking of scenes, playwright Rachel Bonds, talks (min 29:10) about the wonders in her world premiere play Curve of Departure which will be performed at the Argyros Theater at the So Coast Rep. Sept. 24-Oct. 15 at Costa Mesa’s Performing Arts Center. Need a few tickets or some information, call 714-708-5555 or go to:

Refugees Welcome Guidebook Now Available AND OC Models Stormwater Low Impact Development

Monica Curca returns to the show, this time bringing her “Refugees Welcome Guide,” fresh off the press, a beautiful and remarkable piece of work. For those unaware of what refugees are enduring, each section of this guide is pause for thought among us who are already settled. Follow Refugees Welcome’s progress, contribute valuable resources, and order a copy of the guide by contacting this guest at: or to these websites: and

In the second half (min 32:12), Dr. Jian Peng, Chief of Water Quality Planning at OC Public Works Environmental Resources, from his agency’s low impact development toolkit, explains some elegant systems for purifying and retaining stormwater runoff. Not quite the tool for hurricane downpours, but effective in our So Cal climes. Ready for a tour, or care to take up a redeeming school science project? Information is available at:

Houston Is Our Backyard AND Progressive Muslims in Our Front Room

While Mother Earth burns, churns, and floods, local Citizen Climate Lobby chapter founders Mark Tabbert and Virginia Bernal bring to the show the fruits of their focused work on Capital Hill and in local Congressional districts. Ways to get involved, at the local chapter nearest you, are posted at:

In the second half (min 33:03), Ani Zonneveld, founder and president of Muslims for Progressive Values offers extensive experience in what makes a political forum perform or not perform. More information about events not to miss and a pithy opening video are available at:  View Ani’s respectable panel moderating skills at:, and her debating skills at:

The Legacy of Liu Xiaobo in 21st Century China

The whole hour is devoted to guests: Richard Madsen, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at U.C. San Diego; and Dr. Sean Lin media professional and activist. We will start with 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo, who was forbidden by his government from accepting his award, and who succumbed July 13th to liver cancer while imprisoned. His wife Liu Xia was during her husband’s detention and is currently under house arrest. Both Madsen and Lin will take up the political and cultural contexts in China today, as they examine the tension between “ restless” constituents’ desire for connection and their reliance on government stability and predictability. The hope is to resume this discussion with Professor Madsen and Dr. Lin taking up the path that the current leader of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping is taking this country amidst the leadership vacuum elsewhere. Of interest among Professor Madsen’s fascinating publications are “Restless China” and “China and the American Dream.” Listeners can tune into Dr. Lin’s radio station in Rockville, MD at:

Girls On The Run Orange County

Girls on the Run Orange County Board Member Amy Cook tells us how her organization is helping elementary and middle school girls develop essential skills. She has a longitudinal study fresh out to make her point(s). For upcoming events, and information about applying for board membership: Girls enrolled in the program will offer their own testimony on a future show that they will help produce. Watch in December for that program.